Passfaces Overview

Passfaces is a bidirectional authentication system that takes advantage of the brainís natural ability to easily recognize faces. It reduces the risks of both fraud and identity theft associated with online banking and e-commerce activity.

Passfaces does not require any additional hardware or software. Once you have enrolled in Passfaces it can be used on any system that has Internet access.

Faces are used instead of alpha numeric characters as an access code. New users sign up for Passfaces and are assigned a set of  separate face images. Users complete an enrollment process to get to know their Passfaces. During log on, users pick each of their assigned Passfaces from individual 3 by 3 grids.

Enrollment is a One Time event that assigns your Passfaces and takes you through a process that helps you recognize and retain your passfaces. The entire process typically takes about 3 minutes. Log on is completed in seconds.